The Bucket Plan® 1.0 Live Training

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Learn how to provide this unique, holistic experience for your clients, based on the best-selling book:

The Bucket Plan® Best Interest Process 1.0 Live Training is a comprehensive, two-day program for motivated advisors like you to learn our comprehensive process for delivering a documented bucket plan in your clients’ best interest.  

Why learn the Bucket Plan® Best Interest process?

Utilizing this proven process with your clients will allow you to:

  • Identify resources accumulated and your client’s current financial landscape
  • Easily and visually show gaps in your client’s planning to create the need for solutions
  • Quickly determine how much your client will need to draw from liquid investable assets in retirement
  • Identify their appetite for volatility
  • Simplify your work into a packaged plan deliverable

After attending this training led by leading financial industry specialists, you’ll be able to:

  • Use a proven process that is easy to duplicate and scale
  • Design a customized Bucket Plan® for prospects and clients
  • Document why recommendations are in the clients’ best interest
  • Educate clients on key concepts such as the Money Cycle, Pyramid of Risk, and Sequence of Returns Risk
  • Pursue becoming Bucket Plan® Certified (BPC), a distinguished and marketable credential.



Hear from other top financial advisors who attended our Bucket Plan training:

"Finally! A way to reduce or eliminate the problem of the time in the market versus the time clients need to draw income. This process makes a huge difference for clients and especially peace of mind for all involved."
David Patrick - NorthStar Financial & Insurance.

"It’s a proactive, step by step approach that is repeatable and brings clarity to the planning process for the client.  Being able to review the Bucket Plan with all existing and future clients to show them the reason why they need Now/Soon/Later buckets to reduce the freak out calls. The process also creates transparency in the plan for their financial well-being."
Jaclyn Hissick - FLP Financial

"The Bucket Plan takes the complicated retirement decisions that must be made and simplifies them into a process that is understandable for the client and documents every step. Priceless."
Jeff Vogel - President of CFG Retirement Advisors, Inc.